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 Musical education: special class

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Musical education: special class Empty
PostSubject: Musical education: special class   Musical education: special class EmptyWed Jun 10, 2009 6:01 pm

since you ask, yes. it is a step down, thanks for pointing that out.

They shipped off to this backwater due to my position being taken by a guy with 'qualifications'. Kids of your level, they said, not me, didn't benefit much from... much of anything, so, technically, all I have to do is sit here and make sure you don't eat all the poster paints. But that's not how I roll kids, I believe in the triumph of the will, the fireworks of the elbow grease and the... well, so, my subject of expertise: music. um, No. no, not playing music. more like listening to music and complaining about it. well... it is a kind of talent. just listen and learn okay?

Now, the first thing to remember is that most music is preposterous crap which you are obliged to hate if you have any kind of conscience. Most of the musicians who founded modern rock & roll (Jagger, Bowie, Pop amen) are now the new model of old money. Most young musicians plying their trade right now are either slavishly following trends from 40 years ago (Kings of Leon) or idly bathing in the swampland of new ageisms and pretensions called 'Indie' (fucking Bon Iver). Sometimes these kids give up on music entirely, to pedal one of its' degenerate by-products: 'fucking heavy metal, dude'.

None of this is a problem to the sub-human species called 'Hipster', who either assumes a kind of ivory tower appreciation of anything obscure (like the neo-folk war crimes of Fleet Foxes) or enjoys popular music 'ironically'. Of course, what these omnivores don't want you to know is that they genuinely like such a wide range of music because they have no taste and are unable to discriminate. Like the old saying goes, unshaven twenty-somethings dressed like beggars can't be choosers. hahaha. I'll take you on a field trip to see a Grizzly Bears concert sometime, herds of these things, ironic scarves billowing in the wind like horse's manes. If this does come through, you might want to scratch up some ear-plugs.

that's it, one hour since my last break. dismissed. Oh, anyone who wants to learn how to look 'rock 'n' roll' can follow me to the smoking area for a practical lesson.
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Musical education: special class
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