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PostSubject: Lyrics   Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:52 am

Snapshot Asthetic

private room/ photographic memory
young/ high/ such clean histories
ad-hoc romantic endorphins
truth changing chemically

Understudy's camera radar
beauty like forced laughter
even the underdog's lust is ugly
all degraded this is equality

broadcast template plastic surgery
lines of mortality streatch pliantly
still filtered down easily

Dirty Pictures

is this what we deserve
left among the iron to rust
sometimes it's the devil himself
who takes care of us

we're living on the cutting room floor
when you're wearing Hollywood furs
love, where do you think we are?

Turn their songs inside-out
this town is killing us day by day
get away while you can get out
when did we decide to stay?

we can leave them behind
the eyes and studio lights
live by touch and pretend we're blind

towards the never
put it on the never-never
don't think about the future

we're so easy to explain
the way on a street map
the streets are always clean
we've got them on tap

when they say they love you
they don't care wheter it's true
they told me the same too

towards the never
put it on the never-never
don't think about the future

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