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 Scraps( may be used someday)

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PostSubject: Scraps( may be used someday)   Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:09 am

The Cynic

beneath the glare of an inaccurate portrait of a messiah
maybe it's just that i've misunderstood,
though all the ramblings i've heard
were slack jawed,
sometimes I wish you were right.

the intentions were honorable
when i was told as a child
that you would watch over me,
though intentions alone will never be enough
you've said it yourself,

Palms instead of wrists
it's white all over,
though when you burn it's in the brightest of red.
in the best of intentions.

you shouldn't worry about the cynics
the cynics will die too.

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Scraps( may be used someday)
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