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PostSubject: "THE SONG IS SOMETHING THAT WALKS BY IT'S SELF."   Wed Apr 29, 2009 3:53 pm

On May 5th 2009 the European parliment hears an arguement spear headed by Record Labels and film production companies hoping to achieve a re-packaging of internet subscriptions. The threat is an internet black out and a Isp reshuffle to almost sky like packages limiting that sites you may visit. It's an attempt at once and for all locking down on illegal downloading of songs and films.
Over recent years they've spread a myth. A myth that tells us of how illegal downloading will eventually in danger the art of music and film. In truth all that will be placed in any danger is record labels which for years have exploited there artists offering as little as 5% profit cuts from albulm sales. 5% to the side of the project that without whom the company its self would not have a product to sell. Taking into account radioheads distribution of "In Rainbows" at a whatever you think is fair price and South Park allowing the continued distribution of their show online before it even hits tv the arguement that this plague on art is nothing more than a plague on job sector that has done it's best to suck any real art out of music and film in particular.
"The song is something that walks by itself" was something Bob Dylan once said. Bob dylan himself being a man who gained much of his reputation from word of mouth and travelling street to street with his guitar. The very movement that Dylan was involved in is where the inspiration for a music market as we know it today cut it's teeth. The origins of it alone testify that unless your a record label fan and not a fan of music it's self you have absolutely nothing to worry about. It's probably more likely that if nothing else record labels themselfs will have to regroup and restructure their own business plan.
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