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 Friday nights have always had essential viewing.

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PostSubject: Friday nights have always had essential viewing.   Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:22 pm

Conversing with a chatshow host about his father sigmund frued. Specifically about the manner in which he took on board the family tradition. I thought it was a little off centre, a little contrived and consumer infested. He convinced me that what he did was more than entertainment. "I've made a real difference with my life" he said, "some people see me as a giant of my field, I prefer to be known as a sky scraper, I'm not ugly enough to be a giant".
I spent the breaks between sentences considering his every word. His use of his ego was almost subtle at times " I've contributed nothing more than was already said, I did how ever find a place for everything in my lifetime".
So he sets table. His questions still seem to have nothing to do with the subject themselfs, they seem to have more to do with what story he can draw from what isn't said. " Your father left when you were 12, and your mother didn't have enough time to even make the beds", The participant seemed hisatent almost resentful at this point. So it begged the question of motive
"What exactly do you intend to achieve?", it was greeted by a disgruntled "What do you think I'm trying to achieve?". The reply while just being a reworking of my own question was probably as concise of an answer I could have hoped for. Just like the LA hipster religious scene theres a market that has to be exploited, a market of no real substance other than sheer financial profit and the reward of being a minor celebrity.
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Friday nights have always had essential viewing.
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