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 WASP Hall of fame Richard Dawkins.

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PostSubject: WASP Hall of fame Richard Dawkins.   Mon May 18, 2009 2:11 pm

Richard Dawkins is nothig more than a stale irritation to me. Putting aside the arguement that consumes any part of his persona that may possibly have been in the slightest enduriable the mans ill wit has done nothing other than disgust me. Like Michael Moore he has become nothing more than a buzzer for those who want to be seen to be in some ways intellegent to hit on. It's not that much of a surprise that theology students now take on board his work as these arts students rarely if ever amount to anything more than a tired expression of condensed literary dribble. I think i've had more time for the uncharacteristic yelps of my dog when he's frightened by a spider than I'll ever have for their excessive pounding on issues that are no more exciting or applicable as watching your granny mak hot chocolate on a stove that takes half an hour to heat it's hob before anything can be done.
Yes 9/11 may well be a cry for some common sense when it comes to religious up bringings. Richard Dawkin's arguement is no more common sense than HR Giger's ridiculously detailed meaningless art work that so many wasps cling to as an excuse for a modern artist.
" I don't see why all should listen to him just because he has an imaginary friend" is one quip that sticks in my mind when I think of Richard Dawkins petty ramblings at organised christian religion. His assumption that all christians take the bible on literal level is the axsis of his arguement. To be honest I couldn't care less if they do or not. I honestly don't think it takes a back log of books to issue your desire to point out that in this day and age with the knowledge available to each kid growing up it's simply apalling that they still go along with this idea that there is a comfort beam there for them to hang their sins on. I'd just rather not waste paper or air time on some senial old fart that has the manners of an incestious gorilla.
He is my first inductee to the wasp's hall of fame.
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WASP Hall of fame Richard Dawkins.
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